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Who are we?

We are your first port of call for businesses, products, services, entertainers, good causes and indeed everything that’s good in the Southampton region.

Established in 2011 Southampton Ambassadors is an invited network of the best the Southampton area has to offer: Ethically managed companies, organisations and individuals, with the intention of helping each other and the Southampton region generally.

Amongst our members are the cream of Southampton companies and people... all sympathetically related through a common goal to grow their businesses while at the same taking Southampton forward. Together with The AND Guide it can ensure your brand is introduced to the local public through the most vibrant and talked about free newspaper in the region.


Southampton Ambassadors is for you. The more of the right people in the network, the better for all of us. Think you have what it takes? Then join us!


We have a motto: "Get the best together... and good things will happen." and they are. I invite you to be part of it.

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